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Colorbond Roof Restoration

Rainshield Roofing – Specialists in Colorbond Roof Restoration Melbourne, Colorbond Roof Painting and Metal Roof Painting


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Metal roof restoration / Colorbond roof restoration

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Metal Roof Restoration

Iron roofing, popular earlier this century, has made a huge comeback with the introduction of Colorbond roofing. Light weight, durable and inexpensive it has enjoyed great success for centuries – the main downside has always been its poor appearance. Painting iron roofs has never been terribly successful. Technological developments in coatings have enabled Bluescope steel to manufacture and distribute Colorbond steel. This thermally efficient and versatile product is incredibly durable with tests showing it can last for over two hundred years. The coating system used ensures a finish that will not peel and only gradually fades.

Over the years and decades though there is an element of fading and discolouring that occurs making a restoration an appealing option. Coating metal roofs, Colorbond or standard steel, is a tricky business though as the temperatures that steel can reach on hot days, (in excess of 120 degrees), mean that the coatings applied expand and contract much more than on timber or tiles. However, we have perfected a process that does stand the test of time – but first, take a look at some of the issues that might inspire the need of a metal roof restoration.


A plain steel roof is not very attractive and Colorbond, while starting its life looking great does fade and wear over time. One of the most common reasons to restore a metal roof or undergo a Colorbond roof restoration is to make your home look more attractive and also increase its value as a result.


Rusting screws on a Colorbond roof
Many Colorbond roofs installed more than 15 years ago suffer from rusted screws. This is almost always a result of Galvanised roofing screws being used. Galvanised steel was more common than Colorbond steel for many years and as a result roofing plumbers generally carried galvanised screws, using them even when installing Colorbond roofs. A “Galvanic” or “Electrostatic” reaction occurs to the screws as the two incompatible metals mix resulting in premature rusting of the screws. It is essential to rescue these roofs via Colorbond roof restoration as if left too long the screw will expand as it rusts and damage the actual roof sheet making later rescue impossible.


Rusting roof sheets
A rusted roof generally means it’s too late to restore and replacement is in order. Coating the roof prior to rust appearing however is a viable method of considerably extending its life. Minor surface rust can also be treated with advanced compounds. Anti-rust paint is often mistakenly used to treat rust. This will not last long though as these coatings are designed to prevent rust rather than reverse it. Rainshield Roofing use a “nano” liquid fibreglass to treat rusted sections. This is a viable method if the rust is limited but becomes very expensive when it’s more widespread.

Colorbond Roof RestorationColorbond Roof RestorationColorbond Roof Restoration

Colorbond roof restoration

The secret to a professional metal roof restoration lies in both the preparation and the protective coatings used. Because steel gets so hot, traditional acrylic paints are a temporary fix at best. Rainshield Roofing employ the use of sophisticated compounds that actually reduce the temperature of the steel by as much as 60 degrees Celsius. Because the steel stays so much cooler the normal extreme expansion that occurs is reduced to a manageable amount. An obvious side benefit of this procedure is a more heat efficient home, particularly on houses with flat metal roofs where the internal temperature can be reduced by as much as 10 degrees in summer.
Our process of metal roof restoration / Colorbond roof restoration is outlined below:


Re Screw roof with Colorbond screws if required
On Colorbond roofs where galvanised screws have been used we first remove all old screws and fully re screw the roof using compatible Colorbond roof screws.


High pressure clean roofing steel
A thorough pressure clean is required prior to any coatings to remove both the built up grime and pollutants that are common to suburban roofs.


Apply metal primer coat
A primer coat is of paramount importance for a lasting finish. We employ the use of “nano” technology in our primer coat. The much smaller molecule in this technology afford it maximum penetration into the steel. It is also a co-polymer or glue so has excellent adhesive qualities.


Treat rusted areas with liquid fibre-glass
Again using nano technology, this advanced compound is literally “fibre-glass” in a liquid form. Obviously expensive if used in large quantities, it is an excellent means of treating small rusted sections of metal roof where replacement is not desirable.


Re-surface steel using 2 applications of heat reflective resins
The key to our 10 year warranty, heat reflective coatings keep the steel much cooler significantly reducing expansion in the coatings. Our coatings are extremely durable and the finish is designed to mimic a new roof in appearance.


Our metal roof restoration / Colorbond roof restoration can greatly delay the point at which you need to replace your roof as well as giving you a “new roof” look for a tiny percentage of the cost of actual replacement.


Colorbond Roof Restoration

We are available 7 days a week for an on-site inspection and our quotations are free of cost and without obligation. If you would like to talk to an expert about Colorbond Roof Restoration, get in touch with us via contact form, or call us on 1300 218 889.

Colorbond Roof Restoration

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