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Colorbond Roof Restoration Mont Albert

Rainshield Roofing is proud to display this Colorbond Roof Restoration Mont Albert.


On first inspection of the Colorbond roof on this Mont Albert home, we could see the Mont Albert roof was grimy and weathered, this was due to the constant exposure to the foliage and vegetation surrounding the Mont Albert home. In this instance the customer only needed a professional clean and metal restoration. This process helps rejuvenate the current roof, expanding its life while also adding a new look feel to the home.


When the Colorbond Roof Restoration Mont Albert project started the roof was high pressure cleaned, after this clean the roofing sheets were primed with the use of “nano” technology in our primer coat. After which the roof steel was re-surfaced using 2 applications of heat reflective resins in the Colorbond colour Paperbark.


The customer was incredibly pleased when the project was completed, in which they were more then happy to display this roofing project on Rainshield Roofing’s website. This being a testimony to Rainshield Roofing’s’ high quality workmanship and exception service.


If you would like to know more about Roof Restoration Mont Albert check out our Restoration VIDEO here on our Roof Restoration page or call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to an experienced supervisor about free inspection and quote.

Roof Restoration Mont Albert
Roof Restoration Mont Albert
Roof Restoration Mont Albert
Tel: 1300 218 889
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