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Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza

Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza

On first inspect of this Mount Eliza home, it was immediately made obvious that the screws used when this Colorbond roof was installed, were not to the correct screws and have started to rust, which if left untreated could spread to the Colorbond sheets. The Mount Eliza home owner was also having issues with water flowing off the roof sheets in areas and gutters rusting due to age and water pooling.


With this information the scope of works carried out was actioned in order to rectify these issues, while at the same time creating a more pleasing and comfortable living space.

Firstly all roof screws were changed to the correct Colorbond screws. Then the roof sheets that meet at the change of pitch were trimmed back in order to accommodate a transnational flashing. This flashing will help ensure that even through aging the roof will maintain a tighter water tight seal. This water tight seal is also bolstered by press tight, a dry sealing foam agent dipped in bitumen.

Then followed a power wash at 4100 psi to help remove all the built up dirt and grime that had collected over the years. After this all the gutters and down pipes were replaced. Then the roof sheets were sprayed with a nano co-polymer primer which helps the ceramic infused heat reflective membrane stick to the roof sheets for dramatically longer.

Additionally the Mount Eliza customer also wanted to install two solar powered heat extractors to the roof to help keep there home cool during the warmer summer months.


The customer was so pleased with the end result that they were more than happy to display this Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza project as a testament to Rainshield Roofings professionalism and masterful workmanship.


If you would like to know more about Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza check out our Restoration VIDEO here on our Roof Restoration page or call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to an experienced supervisor about free inspection and quote.

Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza
Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza
Colorbond Roof Restoration Mount Eliza
Tel: 1300 218 889
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