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Colorbond Roofing Mitcham

Rainshield Roofing is proud to showcase this Colorbond Roofing Mitcham project.

When Rainshield roofing first arrived at the Colorbond roofing Mitcham project, immediately caution was taken as the current roof sheets were Asbestos. The Customers saw the risks involved with having a Asbestos roof and needed help with the removal from their Mitcham home.



A lot of planning is involved when it comes to Asbestos removal. This Mitcham project was of no exception and the work had to be completed under the strictest rules and regulations. To know more about these rules and regulations click here.



Once the Asbestos removal has been completed and a certificate of clearance has been issued to the Mitcham customer. The customers wished for the Mitcham property to have a Colorbond roof installed. This Involved the installation of a 80mm insulation blanket for maxim thermal benefits. This was followed with the installation of Custom Orb Colorbond roofing sheet in the Colorbond colour Ironston. Then all associated flashing were installed to ensure the new Colorbond roof is entirely water proof, with a finish that is unmatched for years to come.



The customers were pleased with how the Colorbond roofing Mitcham project finished and agreed to display the Colorbond roofing Mitcham project as a testament to Rainshield Roofings professionalism and dedication to service.



If you would like to know more about Colorbond Roofing Mitcham check out our Colorbond Roofing VIDEO here on our Colorbond Roofing page or call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to an experienced supervisor about free inspection and quote.

Colorbond Roofing Mitcham
Colorbond Roofing Mitcham
Colorbond Roofing Mitcham
Tel: 1300 218 889
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