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Roof Restoration Carrum Downs

Rainshield Roofing is proud to showcase this Tile Roof Restoration Carrum Downs project.


Rainshield Roofing came to the aid of this customers plea for help as the Carrum Downs home was well beyond its prime, needing urgent repairs. The tile roof was leaking and riddled with broken tiles and to add to the problems the gutters were rusting and holding water.


To start with, Rainshield Roofing high pressure cleaned the tiles at 4100 PSI and then removed the gutters. This was to ensure all the dirt and grime that come off the tiles don’t clog and potentially damage the new gutters. Once the cleaning was completed the new gutters were installed. This is done for the fact that the guttering works can disturb the tiles and is best done first, to ensure the maxim quality workmanship is achieved and double handling is kept down. The customers had chosen the colour Paperbark for the new gutters to match exciting fittings. After a successful installation of the gutters the tile restoration can take place.


To start the Tile Roof Restoration Carrum Downs all broken tiles were replaced and all caps and valley tiles were re-bed in sand and cement mix. After the cement was dried the Ridge caps were pointed in flexible acrylic compound to ensure long lasting bedding. After this the tiles were ready to be sealed.


Rainshield Roofing employs the use of a four coat process on all tile roof restorations. This process starts with the applications of a nano co-polymer primer, then high solids sealer, two coats of cross linked emulsion in this case the colour chosen was Woodland Grey . Finally when the Tile Roof Restoration Carrum Downs Project is completed the site is cleaned of all roof related rubbish.


The customers were pleased with Rainshield Roofings workmanship, in which they had gracelessly agreed to display their Carrum Downs home as a testament to Rainshield Roofing’s professionalism.


If you would like to know more about Roof Restoration Carrum Downs check out our Restoration VIDEO here on our Roof Restoration page or call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to an experienced supervisor about free inspection and quote.

Roof Restoration Carrum Downs
Roof Restoration Carrum Downs
Roof Restoration Carrum Downs
Tel: 1300 218 889
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