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Roof Restoration Dandenong

Rainshield Roofing is proud to showcase this Roof Restoration Dandenong Project.


Rainshield Roofing completed a full restoration on this roof in Dandenong. When we first inspected the Dandenong property we found the roof to be as you would expect considering its age. The ridge caps were quite loose, the mortar was crumbling away and had completely fallen out in several spots, multiple tiles needed to be replaced and the roof has no protective coating left and was completely faded.


To begin we pressure washed the roof, completed a full bed and point of all the ridge caps and then coated the roof in 1 coat of a nano co-polymer primer, this primer is designed to penetrate into the body of the tiles and prevent subsequent coats from peeling. Then an application of a high solids sealer was applied to build the surface of the tile, so when the top coats go on they will cover the tile evenly. Once the base coats were completed and dried we applied 2 top coats of cross linked emulsion. This hard and dense polymer is a specially formatted coating designed to protect your tiles from harsh UV radiation and resist penetration from dirt and airborne pollution.


The Dandenong customer chose the Acryloc colour Ebony for their Roof Restoration Dandenong project and this restoration colour really suited the home, especially the upgrades they had made to their garage. We and the customers we rapt with how the project looked in completion, to the point where the customer allowed us to display this Roof Restoration Dandenong project on our website.


If you would like to know more about Roof Restoration Dandenong or see the processes and procedures we use on our industry leading roof restorations. Check out our Roof Restorations VIDEO here on on Roof Restorations Page call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to one of our experienced professionals about a free inspection and quote.



Roof Restoration Dandenong
Roof Restoration Dandenong
Roof Restoration Dandenong
Tel: 1300 218 889
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