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Roof Restoration Glen Waverley

Rainshield Roofing are proud to showcase this Roof Restoration Glen Waverley Project

When inspected this Glen Waverely home, Rainshield Roofing found the roof tiles were still in good condition, however the mortar underneath the ridge caps was in very bad shape and urgently needed to be replaced. Many of the tiles were so loose they were already detached from the structure; this becomes dangerous in high winds as loose caps have been known to fly off roofs causing surrounding property damage. This alone meant urgent work needed to be done on this Glen Waverley roof restoration project.


This Glen Waverely Roof is Now Secure for Years to Come

Rainshield Roofing completed an urgent re-bed and re-point on all the ridge caps on this Glen Waverley home, ensuring they would stay sealed and secure for years to come, then coated the tiles using our industry leading 4 coat system. We used two primer coats, the second of which is a very specialized, thick coating designed to fill in all the imperfections of these roof tiles so that the 2 top coats give the roof a “brand new” look finish. The customer chose Monument which is one of the most popular and contemporary roof colour choices.  We also installed a custom made skylight into the property, that was manufactured right here in by our team in Melbourne.


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The customer was wrapped with the finish and so were we. If you would like to know more about Roof Restoration Glen Waverley or see the processes and procedures we use on our industry leading roof restorations. Check out our video here on on Roof Restorations Page call our office today on 1300 218 889 and speak to one of our experienced professionals about a free inspection and quote.

Roof Restoration Glen Waverley
Roof Restoration Glen Waverley
Roof Restoration Glen Waverley
Tel: 1300 218 889
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