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Roof Cleaning Melbourne

Roof Cleaning Melbourne and Pressure Wash Melbourne – Check out our Roof Cleaning Melbourne video and call us today on 1300 218 889 for a free inspection and quote.

Roof cleaning Melbourne is great, affordable way to restore pride to your weary looking home. Over time, your roof can become covered in lichen, moss, algae and dirt leaving your home looking sad and untidy. It can also make your roof unsafe to walk on and conceal broken, leaking tiles – damaging the structure of your home. Visit our Colorbond Roof Restoration page for information on Metal Roof Cleaning Melbourne or Colorbond Roof Cleaning Melbourne.


Tile Roof Cleaning Melbourne

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

Roofing Cleaning Melbourne


Rainshield Roofing are experts in roof cleaning Melbourne and can offer a range of services to clean your roof and ensure unsightly lichen and moss stays away for years to come. Before we start, some properties with high roofs or steep pitches will require safety rail to be installed. Once we are confident our trades people can proceed safely we start by pressure cleaning your roof with a high pressure sprayer at 4100 PSI. This is very important, as too much pressure can damage your roof tiles but if the pressure is too low, it’s sometimes not enough to remove all the sediment.


During the roof cleaning process we will also treat your roof with sodium hypochlorite to ensure anything that is not blasted away with the pressure spray will destroyed by the treatment. The sodium hypochlorite will also make sure the moss and lichen won’t return for years to come. While the roof is being cleaned, our professional trade’s people will identity any tiles likely to leak and replace them as well as move chipped or other unsightly tiles to your gutter line leaving all the tiles on the visible parts of the roof looking great.


If you would like to know more about Rainshield Roofing, our Roof Cleaning Melbourne service visit our Roof Restoration Melbourne page.


Roof Cleaning Melbourne – FAQs

Can you clean your own roof?
The short answer is yes, but we really don’t think it’s worth it. Chances are the gurney you purchased to clean your car or windows won’t have the power required to effectively clean your roof tiles. Additionally, it can very unsafe walking around on your dirty and wet roof. We believe roof cleaning is a job that should be left to a professional with years of experience.


What occupation health and safety measures are required to clean a roof?
The safety requirements are generally based on the the type of roof you have and its current state of conditions. Cement tiles are less slippery than terracotta tiles, so we always erect safety rail (fall prevention) to terracotta tile roofs where as we don’t always erect safety rial for single story for cement tile roofs.

We always use safety rails for doubles story properties and for some homes that have unique characteristics such at a high pitch roof or a roof that has a high roof line on a slopping block, we sometimes use scaffold.


How important is safety when cleaning my roof?
Safety is the most important part of a roof cleaning job. By creating a safe working environment for our trades people, Rainshield Roofing attracts the best quality trades people and can offer the best quality jobs. Ensuring a safe working environment also protects you the home owner from getting caught up in a work place accident and time consuming litigation.

There are still a lot of cowboys out there who don’t prioritise safety so they can undercut competition. It is very risky to work with companies that don’t do the right thing.


Can my roof leak when it is being cleaned?
Yes it can. It is always best to have someone home when your roof is being cleaned. When you hire Rainshield Roofing to clean your roof, our trades people will inspect your roof and try to replace all the tiles we believe are likely to leak prior to cleaning the roof, however it is not always perfect and pressure cleaning your roof can identify areas or leaks that may have gone undetected.

Although your roof can leak. It doesn’t occur very often.


How long does a it take to clean a roof?
Depending on the size of your roof or the complexity of the design. Most roof cleaning jobs will take between half to a full day to completed.


Roof Cleaning Melbourne

We are available 7 days a week for an on-site inspection and our quotations are free of cost and without obligation. If you would like to talk to an expert about Roof Cleaning Melbourne, get in touch with us via contact form, or call us on 1300 218 889.

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

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