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Tile to Colorbond Re-roofing

Colorbond Re-roofing is Rainshield Roofing’s specialty¬†– Check out our Re-roofing video and call Us today on 1300 218 889 for a free inspection and quote.

Colorbond re-roofing has become the most popular choice in roofing for Melbourne home owners when re-roofing their home. The aesthetic appeal and incredible durability of Colorbond, along with the near nonexistent need for maintenance, has made it much more sought after than tiled roofing.


As tile roofs age, they can have a multitude of issues. The mortar work breaks down meaning the ridge caps become loose and can blow off in high winds. The tiles become brittle and break allowing water leaks to occur. Valleys rust out and roof flashings start to break down. At some point re-roofing becomes inevitable.


Colorbond roofs are lightweight, exceptionally resistant to extreme weather events, thermally more efficient than tiles less of a security risk as it is difficult to open a section of the roof without the proper tools.


Colorbond Re-roofingColorbond Re-roofing


Tile to Colorbond Re-roofing Process

The process for a tile to Colorbond re-roofing project are outlined below;

  • Erect perimeter scaffolding. It is a WorkSafe requirement that all homes over 2 meters in height have perimeter fall protection erected. Failure to do so can nullify the companies insurances.


  • Strip and dispose of all old roof tiles. The old tiles are stripped from the roof and placed into a bin provided for this purpose. The bin is then removed and the work site left free of debris.
Colorbond re-roofing - Removing tiles

Removing tiles

  • Install metal battens. Metal battens are required as the tile battens are too thin and prone to splitting when the Colorbond roof is screwed into them. Our steel battens are installed at 900 mm spacings and, for extra support, along either side of all ridges, hips and valleys.
Colorbond re-roofing

Install Battens

  • Install 55 mm roof insulation blanket. Colorbond steel roofing is low in mass and, therefore, cools down much quicker than tiles. The installation of an insulation blanket can make a huge further improvement to thermal capabilities and also helps to eliminate noise from rain and hail. A sarking or sisalation product can also be used in place of the blanket but is a much more inferior product.
Colorbond re-roofing

Install Blanket

  • Install new Colorbond roofing sheets. Custom orb, also known as corrugated Colorbond is the more popular profile for this type of application, but other profiles are available on request.
Colorbond re-roofing

Install roof sheets

  • Install new ridge capping and valley irons. The preferred capping style is roll top ridge. This has a piping style finish that suits the curve of custom orb, but other styles are available also.
Colorbond re-roofing

Install Ridge Capping

  • Install Deck-Tite flashing kits to penetrations. All pipes in the roof need these rubber seal flashings around them to prevent water ingress into the roof cavity.
Colorbond re-roofing

Install decktites

  • Clean job site thoroughly on completion. Off cuts of roofing and screws and rivets need to be removed to prevent injury or property damage. We employ the use of powerful magnets mounted on a hand-propelled two wheeled cart that we pass back and forth over the job site to ensure no mess is left behind.

Colour is also something that needs to be considered. Dark colours are popular but will also increase the temperature in the roof cavity. We also can provide solar powered heat extractors to mitigate this extra heat. These advanced units are automatically controlled with a thermostat that activates the solar powered motor when the roof cavity exceeds 26 degrees Celsius. These units are much better than traditional whirly birds as they are much more powerful and do not let heat out in winter.


The decision to re-roof your home is a financially sound one as this type of repair will inevitably increase the value of your home making it an investment rather than an expense. And because Colorbond steel is so popular among prospective buyers it generally means that you will have more potential purchasers further assisting in ensuring you get the price that you want.


Tile to Colorbond Re-roofing

We are available 7 days a week for an on-site inspection and our quotations are free of cost and without obligation. If you would like to talk to an expert about Tile to Colorbond Re-roofing, get in touch with us via contact form, or call us on 1300 218 889.

Tile to Colorbond Re-roofing

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